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It is winter in the Netherlands. For the first time in years, the snow remains for more than half a day. It is also freezing again with night temperatures in our region of -10 ° C. The result of this is that you can skate on ditches.

I took the afternoon off because the sun is shining above the beautiful ice- and snow landscape. I did not only bring my camera but also my DJI Mini 2 drone to be able to take some pictures from above. It is mostly the “Voorofsche polder” that will get me some great shots from above. After that I walked through both the east as west side of the Gouwebos and took some winter landscape pictures every now and then. When I returned to the area I live, schools were closed and I decided to walk again along the Voorofsche polder. There were now more people and children ice skating and I took some shots of that lovely scene.

This weekend the thaw will set in and the daytime temperatures will again rise to 10ºC above zero and it will no longer freeze at night. I am curious how long we have to wait this time for such a real winter landscape.

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