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Voorofsche polder

It is Tuesday and spring is in full swing with temperatures above 20˚C. Today I use the lunch break for a walk through the Gouwebos. I walk via the dike along the Voorofsche polder. I then see that the meadow birds have settled again. Numerous godwits and to a lesser extent redshanks and lapwings can be seen. Here and there there is also a teal swimming around.

I decide to go back with the telephoto lens at the end of the working day. I’m very lucky because there are a few of them fairly close and I can get them full in frame without the need to crop them in post-production.

I also get the teal in my viewfinder in a beautiful way, just like the redshank. There is also a grebe that is still completely in courtship mode and swims around low on the water, calling out loud. Unfortunately for him, the female that swims a little further around has little appetite and avoids the loudly calling grebe.

This year, the Gouwebos itself is full of heron nests where herons come and go and deliver the caught fish for the partner who is busy with the nest. I think it is too early for youngsters now.

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