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Sunset Katwijk aan Zee

This session has been on my wish list for a while. At the discharge channel there are boulders that are beautifully green overgrown with algae and seaweed, perfect as a foreground in your photo. I figured out when sunset and low tide were at about the same time and that was the case this week. Friday promised to be the most beautiful day. So after the session with Ton in the morning, the trip went to Katwijk aan Zee in the evening for a sunset at Katwijk aan Zee.

I was not disappointed. Indeed, the sky had cleared as promised by both weather apps. There were still a few clouds in the sky, but that only makes me happy. I don’t like the clear blue skies, I find that boring.
Despite the too cold weather for the time of year (which doesn’t seem to end) it was still busy on the beach, but I was able to do my thing fairly undisturbed. As a result, I had to get rid of some people on a few photos in Photoshop.

I have applied different techniques here. One of those techniques was HDR (High Dynamic Range) to make the green rocks in the foreground look better. To do this, you take photos at different exposures (at least 3) and then merge them in Lightroom into a beautifully exposed photo. Another technique is that of the slow shutter speed. Using full ND filters, I stretched it to 30 seconds. The aim was to make the water smooth and sweep the moving clouds and that worked out quite well.

All in all, a long day with getting up early for the Burgh-Haamstede session in the morning and this session for a sunset Katwijk aan Zee, but it also yielded good results.

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