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Sunrise at the Rottemeren

Today it is time again to go outdoors with my photo gear. And today also the DJI mini 2 drone went into the bag. The weather forecast for today promised a beautiful sunrise (and spring temperatures). I decided to stay close to home and went for a sunrise at the Rottemeren. What a splendor of color in the sky, so I was not disappointed.
I later read on nu.nl that there was a high concentration of Sahara sand in the air above our country, which is what we have the splendour of colours to thank of.

Early on I was on the Bleiswijk side of the Rottemeren almost directly opposite the windmill at the lake. Here, according to the Photographer’s Ephemeris the sunrise would appear left of it. Thanks to the Sahara sand it was one of the most beautiful sunrises I ever had a chance to photograph. After the sun was above the horizon I raised the DJI for some aerial photos of the windmill with the rising sun.

Then I drove to the other side of the Rottemeren and also sent the DJI up there for some pictures of the three windmills in a row that gradually take the water a step higher each time. Finally, I went for a walk with the 100-400 telephoto lens, hoping to spot some reed warblers or other birds in the reeds, but unfortunately. A few swans did fly over low.

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