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St. Anthonis woods near Wanroij

Once a year, at the start of the photo season, I go to Chipclean. Then the sensors and the inside of my cameras get a thorough cleaning by Ton. That way I avoid being unpleasantly surprised by sensor spots in my photos. Experience has since shown that the self-cleaning mechanism of the Canon 5D Mk IV is so good that there has been no (noticeable) pollution for a few years. It is different with the 80D, which does need a cleaning every year.

Then I go to a nature reserve nearby. Was that the Haterse fens in the previous years, this year I wanted to go to a different location and that became the St. Anthonis woods near Wanroij. Colleague and good friend Patrick also came along this time.

Today it was most enjoyable with the small herd of Scottish highlanders at the start of the walk. A number of calves also walked between this herd. One was very curious and came very close by himself. As a nature lover and animal lover this really makes my heart beat faster. This is truly 100% pure enjoyment. Patrick took some nice pictures of it.

This calf is very curious and comes straight to me and then stays very close to pose. © Patrick Neelis
Just pose for that nice photographer. © Patrick Neelis
Is this the right pose? © Patrick Neelis

After this beautiful session, it continues over the heath and through the woods of St. Anthonis. There are still a few nice spots for a landscape photo, but the best will be this location in late summer when the heather is in bloom. On one side is a raised piece and from there you will certainly be able to take some nice pictures. This place also ends up in my list of return places.
Walking further through the forest we see a squirrel crossing the path, but unfortunately it takes too long to change camera / lens to take a picture of it. Almost back at the parking lot we pass a small fly that lies almost flat on the ground. The one feather with green on what otherwise looks like a dead branch is special to see. I create a focus stack up the branch.

Below the photos of this session.

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