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Spring Break

Last week I had a week off, my regular spring break. Usually in these holidays I have good weather, but unfortunately it was different this year. Lots of wind, lots of rain and too cold for the time of year. It wasn’t until Friday that the weather turned and it started to look more like summer. So I had to adjust my plans.


There was also positive news. As you know, I also occasionally share photos via my Instagram account. For two of the recently posted photos I was asked whether they may be used. In the case of the sunset at Katwijk aan Zee “Streek van verrassingen” asked if they could share it on their digital channels. Streek van verrassingen promotes the area around Leiden and Katwijk aan Zee.

Sunset Katwijk aan Zee
Sunset Katwijk aan Zee

The second question came from the Information Center “FutureLand“. Here they want to use an image of the Harrier on a screen to show visitors what can be seen on the Tweede Maasvlakte.


This put me in a dilemma for a while. It is of course very nice that your photo is also liked by others and you would immediately agree to such a request. However, if you have the ambition to further develop yourself as a pro photographer, then having your photos used for free every time does not help.
Certainly when the request for the harrier came shortly after the first request, I had my doubts; charge the rate that is usual for this, or just one more time for free. In the end I chose the latter.
The FutureLand information center can also open again from June 5, the holiday period is coming and so there will be plenty of visitors again who will see your name under the photo and that is worth it. I did ask if they would like to mention the URL of my website instead of my instagram account.

Spring Break

Then the holiday itself. The first Sunday I made another attempt for Maasvlakte 2, but apparently the weather was too bad even for the birds, I hardly saw one fly. I was able to take a nice picture of a dark, threatening sky above the harbor. On my way home I stopped at ‘t Weegje because a very special air developed when I was in the area.
Then I had to wait until Thursday for the weather to improve somewhat. It became the Kwade Hoek, but unfortunately, despite more positive forecasts, the weather was disappointing and I was again faced with dull gray skies. I didn’t take many pictures there.
It wasn’t until Friday that the weather really got better. The temperatures rose and the sun showed itself almost all the time. I had chosen “Zanderij Crailoo” and the “Spandersbossen” near Hilversum.
Finally, on Sunday, Maasvlakte 2 attracted me again. I had hoped for the same beautiful spring weather as on Friday and Saturday, but unfortunately the day started here again in the old-fashioned gray and gray. A nice picture of a ringed plover. Then on to the harbor entrance where I took a picture of a few ships (and a helicopter from the coastguard).

This was spring break of 2021 in a nutshell. In the coming weeks we have to do it again with the free Fridays. The summer vacation starts in seven weeks.

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