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Sand lizard

On the Monday that was taken off before King’s Day, I opted for a trip to the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen with two goals in mind. Find fallen antlers and the sand lizard.
It appears to be too early for those antlers, because they are all still on the heads of the fallow deer. Initially, the second goal also seems to be unsuccessful. On the first tour, no sand lizard can be seen at the spots that are familiar to me. I then wander a little further through the AWD and see a large herd of fallow deer and quietly following them I take some pictures of it. The place where I found the herd strolling is probably a good place to find some antlers a little later in the second chance visit. I have decided not to include the pictures of the fallow deer in the gallery this time. I have been to the Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen several times and have also taken pictures of fallow deer several times. This time the focus is on the sand lizard.

Sand lizard

After a few hours I come back to the place where it is most likely to see sand lizards and at first it still seems like a lost cause. Until suddenly I see movement and a sand lizard starts to crawl up the tree stump. A little later he gets some company. I get every chance and opportunity to photograph the beautiful animals from all sides. You can see how beautiful such a green sand lizard is in the photos below. On one of the photos you can also see how long a sand lizards tail is, especially in relation to the length of the animal’s body.

The chance to photograph this green sand lizard is limited. The fact is that the male gets this color during mating season. Once the mating season has passed, it will turn just as brown as the female.

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