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Product photography perfume No. 2

Product photography perfume no. 2 has as subject a bottle of Acqua di Gio. The aim was to take a photo in which the product appears to be floating in the air.

Acqua di Gio
The final photo.

To achieve this I glued the bottle with a glue gun on a narrow but sturdy strip of wood. A square stick of plexiglass would have been better. It lets the light through and prevents annoying reflection. But the Corona lockdown makes shopping for these types of materials impossible. Some things are difficult to order online simply because you sometimes have to be able to see and feel it (is it sturdy enough?). But this also worked, although it did result in a bit more work in Photoshop afterwards.

Then I clamped this strip with the bottle on it in a flexible arm and turned and bent it until I found a position of the bottle that appealed to me. This time I hung the scrim above the product with a flash without a softbox or reflector directly above it.
Then looking for the right flash setting for this first flash. Once found I added the background lighting with a flash with a barndoor on top, a honeycomb grid for a focused beam of light and a blue coloured gel. I first used a white background but didn’t find the result what I had in mind. So I lowered the black background and increased the flash power a little more to get the backlight I wanted.

The behind the scenes

Then I made the necessary shots that I needed to be able to compose the final photo in Photoshop. The first shot is one with the light coming from above through the scrim and a line of light reflected from a mirror on the side of the bottle. For the second and third shot I again reflected some light against the bottom of the bottle with a mirror. After making sure I got all the shots the way I wanted and needed them, I removed the tripod with the product and took a fourth shot of just the background.

Then it is a matter of loading the four shots on separate layers in Photoshop and then using masks to place the correct elements of each layer over the base layer. The first layer contained the image of just the background with the layer from the first shot over it. I could then hide the stick using the mask. An additional step was to get rid of a brownish reflection on the bottom of the bottle caused by the stick using the clone stamp tool. The third and fourth layers contained the photos with the light details on the bottom of the bottle. Here too I only allowed the elements that were needed through with the use of masks.
Finally, a little cleaning by removing dust and stains on the bottle using the spot healing brush.
I did not had to adjust much in Lightroom this time. Just lowering the highlights a little was enough.

This concludes another product photography perfume bottle session.

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