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Planken Wambuis

Sunday it will be good weather to go out. I choose for the Planken Wambuis, a nature reserve on the Veluwe, close to the city of Ede

Wild boar

In the beginning you pass an open field and I take some landscape photos with a mix of blue sky and clouds. Young spruces are sprouting in the same area and I take a close-up photo of such a fresh green offshoot against the sky as a background. Then I continue my way and soon when I come to a bend in the path a number of wild boars foraging. I therefore exchange the 5D with the 24-150 lens for my 80D with the 100-400 lens with 1.4 extender on it. When I have caught the boar that is watching me so vigilantly in a beautiful composition, it suddenly runs away. What happend? On both my left and right other hikers came and that was too much for the boar.
“Is there anything special to see?”, one of the hikers asks. I politely answers that there was a group of wild boars walking around, but that they ran away in shock. Inwardly, I think a little less politely about it. But is comes as it goes. The hikers continue on their way and I hang around for a while longer, hoping for the boar to return.

Unfortunately they don’t come back, but knowing that they are nearby I slowly continue my way and look carefully left and right of the path My joy is therefore great when a little bit further I spot a wild boar between the trees. I respectfully stay on the path and try to find a position where I can capture the beautiful animal between the trees. That works in two places. With an animal with a dark fur in a dark place in the forest, it looks a bit like playing hide and seek and you can see that nicely in the photos

Young life and logging

Then it continues and a little further a cow is relaxing with her calf. Here too I take a few photos without disturbing the animals. Then there is really little to see for a long time. Only towards the end, felling of production forest on one side of the road and a piece of forest completely filled with the white trunks of birch trees provides another set of photos. The sun has now gone and the wind has increased considerably. The latter ensures that for the photo of the partly felled forest, a set of photos for an HDR will not work because the trees move too much and combining the mutliple shots in one image is impossible. I choose an exposure somewhere in between and develop it in Lightroom to a version with the correct contrast.

After that I am soon back at the parking lot at the Planken Wambuis and the walk and photo shoot for today is over.

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