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Maasvlakte 2

On this Ascension Day I decide to go to Maasvlakte 2. I hope to spot seals and I learned through some googling that two hours before low tide to one hour after low tide you have the best chance of spotting them on a sandbank. And there are plenty of sandbanks on the south side of Maasvlakte 2. But unfortunately, none of them can be seen today.

I continue walking along the beach and see a fishing boat that provides a nice backdrop to one of those sandbars that is full of cormorants. A little further on I get the chance to photograph a common tern hanging up in the air looking for food. I am very happy with the photo that has resulted. As the water gets lower and lower, beautiful patterns form in the sand. I left home with only the 80D with the 100-400 mm with 1.4 extender on it and even though it is not really suitable for landscapes, I still give it a try and the result is not disappointing.


Maasvlakte 2 is also the place where many fossils can be found. During the Ice Age there was no North Sea and there was just land between what is now the Netherlands and England. And so animals just lived there and prehistoric man lived. The sand and gravel that was used to reclaim Maasvlakte 2 and thus also the fossils, but also the tools come from this old area, which was once land.
So there are also a lot of people walking around who are looking for these fossils and tools. I got into conversation with a woman who was scouring the beach in search of fossils and talked enthusiastically about it. So I also looked more often at the seabed and found a fossil of a hoof. I also came across some things that look like a stone ax and two arrowheads. I don’t know if they really are. I later gave that fossil to that woman because it disappears into a drawer with me and she will enjoy it more.

While looking at fossils and tools I also came closer and closer to a colony with sandwich terns and some little terns where I was able to take some nice pictures.

Harbor entrance

I walk back to the car and decide to go a little further north on the Maasvlakte 2, every now and then I stop and cross the dunes to see if there is anything to see. I keep getting further and further until I get close to the entrance to the port area and see such a large container ship from Evergreen approaching. There are also some other ships passing by and I hang around to take some pictures of them.

Slikken van Oostvoorne

Maasvlakte 2 borders the Slikken van Oostvoorne and on the way back home I make a final stop on the north side of that area. Here I come across a Bluethroat for the first time of which I can take a nice picture. This is a beautiful bird area anyway, because last time I also encountered some, for me, new species.

All in all a great day with nice and great results. The top photo of the day for me is the common tern hanging in the air with the photo of the sandbank with cormorants and the fishing boat in the background as a close second.

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