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Maasvlakte 2

Maasvlakte 2 continues to attract, as a nature reserve that I have just discovered. On Sunday I get up early so that I could walk through this area with beautiful early morning light and at low tide in search of beautiful photo opportunities. I also hope to be able to spot one or more seals that are also in the area.

It was another beautiful session where this time the tern showed itself again and I was also able to capture it after it had caught a small fish. A little further on there was a pool of seawater, which, given the activity of the gulls and terns, was full of small fish. With a lot of patience and the camera in “rattle mode” I managed to capture the moment when a common tern diving straight down just touches the surface of the water. Shortly afterwards I take a picture with three common terns coming up out of the water in quick succession. Those are the two best photos of the day for me.

Ahead the water is teeming with blue hair jellyfish in leftover water. Here I manage to capture a jellyfish in a “swimming motion”.

Then on to the harbor entrance where the necessary ships pass by again and I take some pictures of the harbor entrance from a different place than the previous times.

On my way home I am still curious about the area around the Brielse lake. Here I come across a swan with those cute down chicks. A wild orchid also bloomed here, later than usual due to the cold spring.

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