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Goeree Overflakkee

Two weeks ago the tulips were not yet in bloom in the vicinity of Hillegom. Now we are a bit further in time and we have had a few beautiful sunny days. Time to give it another try. Only this time I decide to go to a different environment. Plenty of bulbs are also grown at Goeree Overflakkee. Beforehand I had selected some routes to discover where they could be found. Also this time Patrick went along.

Two things were disappointing:

  1. Weather; despite the forecast by ‘Buienradar’ that the sun would show itself regularly, the weather was gray and cloudy with even a splash of rain now and then.
  2. The bulb fields; It seems as if time has been different here than at Hillegom because most bulb fields have already been cleared and it is really hard to find some more fields.

What is very nice here is that the bulb growers have signs in their fields telling you that you are welcome on the plot on the condition that you do not stand between the bulbs and that you do not start picking. After the rain of the day before, that country was quite muddy.
After we had driven around the entire island and were able to take some nice pictures on the fields that we could find, the journey went to Stellendam.

At Stellendam you have a beautiful and unique bird observatory that overlooks the Haringvliet. I had never been there and wanted to see it with my own eyes. Then we went to the other side of the dike to the fishing port and exit of Stellendam and finally a small jump to the beginning of the Kwade hoek where a Whimbrel and Spoonbills could be seen.

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