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Expansion of possibilities

Since mid-November, where I spent my last four-day working week of this year in the Amsterdam Waterleidingduinen, the weather has not been very special. Depending on the weekend it was mainly rain, gray days and the wrong kind of fog that came along.

DJI Mini 2

Even if I am not on the road. I did not sit still. To start with, I expanded my options in November by buying a drone. A DJI Mini 2.
Such a mini drone has two advantages. For starters, as its name suggests, it is small and will easily fit in your photo bag. Or you can easily take it with you in the carrying bag included with the fly more combo. The second advantage is that with its 249 grams it falls just below the 250 gram limit.
Why is that an advantage, you probably think … The new European legislation on drones will take effect on 1 January 2021. With drones heavier than 250 grams you have to follow a course, take an exam and actually get your pilot’s license. In addition, you must register your drone. This registration must then be periodically renewed / extended. None of that is free of charge of course.
With a drone lighter than those 250 grams, you only need to register as a ‘pilot’

Unfortunately I have not made many flying hours due to the same bad weather. The photo of the stepping stones in our Gouwebos gives an idea of the new possibilities drone photography can offer.

DJI Mini 2
DJI Mini 2
DJI Mini 2
DJI Mini 2
Step stones Gouwebos
Step stones in the Gouwebos

Photo studio

Another extension is a photo studio in an unused bedroom. After some DIY activities, this room is equipped with a background system with currently three different rolls of background paper; white, black and chroma green.
Chroma green makes it quite easy to replace the background with any background in Photoshop.
The studio is also filled with three Godox QS400II flash units. Each flash has its own function in the final photo. Think of use as main light, fill light, hair light or background light. The great thing is that the flashes are equipped with a modeling light so that, if you set it as proportional light, you already get a good impression of the light balance between the different flash units. I set them individually from my camera with the Godox X-Pro transmitter that I already had.

There are various light shapers on the shelf, depending on the purpose and the intended photo. In the photo below you see the Octabox and the standard 60 cm x 60 cm softbox on the flash units. Both equipped with a (double) diffuser and the latter also with a grid. In addition, there is a second 60 cm x 60 cm softbox (included in the basic kit), a 40 cm x 180 cm softbox (also with double diffusor) and grid and a parabolic softbox.
The third flash has a standard 7 inch reflector. By the way, diffusers and grid are attached with Velcro and you can put them on as desired

As the stool suggests, portrait photography has also become a possibility. But in my days off after Christmas I first start to use the studio for some still lifes and to gain some experience with setting the flashes and the effects of the different light shapers and the result of those on the end picture. In any case, I am very enthusiastic about it all.

If that is not an expansion of possibilities…
You will of course see the results in future blog posts.

Photo studio
Photo studio

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