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Courting grebes

After the frost period in which ice skating could be done, it is now suddenly spring. So a good time to really get away from it all during this week full of meetings with Teams. So in the slightly longer lunch break than usual, i quickly went to ‘t Weegje with the telephoto lens in the hope of a chance to photograph courting grebes. ‘t Weegje is a nature reserve between Waddinxveen and Gouda. A lot of grebes live in ‘t Weegje and my joy is great when it turns out that they are indeed already playing ball in this beautiful weather.

It is such a beautiful sight to see female and male in their mating dance. The whole game begins when the male sounds the typical call for this time, the deep rolling ‘krraa-arrr krraa-arrr’. He quickly comes swimming, straight towards the female, with his head and neck low on the water. Next the shaking of the head starts. Taking turns from left to right, with the collar and crest being set up completely.
Grebes can be found almost everywhere. Take some time to enjoy this show of the courting grebes. The courtship also makes you hungry, you can see in the last photo where a grebe manages to catch a fish.

Below the photos of this session. I also made a close-up crop of two of them. For these photos I have used Topas Labs AI Sharpen to correct some motion blur and I increased the number of pixels in the close ups again with Topas Labs Gigapixel.
The revetments had just been renewed and the branches are held together with green plastic straps. I found that so disturbing in the photo that I eliminated it in Photoshop.

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